Sorry but you missed it, there's nothing really here anymore. Here's the links to my Ao3 & FFnet pages though. Hope you enjoy :)

At the moment when I'm not playing Guild Wars 1 (Texmod! a Must for mapping!) or Guild Wars 2, I read, crochet, craft jewerly, play games on the PS3 or fight with the cats over desk & personal space. You know.. the usual stuff.




~What is ZIVEU?~

Z.I.V.E.U. was first created when I started writing SilverHawk fanfiction several years ago. It was the business empire of my original Character, Zannatasia Izzabella Vernadeau, created from many smaller business' being combined under one parent company. I used her initials and then added 'Enterprises Unlimited' to the end of it. And thus it was Born.




~What is this site for?~

The original plan for this site was to be a fanfic site dedicated to the old 80's Cartoon called SilverHawks. Since it was started, it has rapidly expanded. Though over half the site is still SilverHawk Orientated, the rest is taken up by various other projects and whatnots..




~ Where is this site headed? ~

At the moment I honestly have no clue. As time goes on, I will update what I have completed or update the site in general. Other then that it will remain for as long as possible for those of you who have visited and still do.





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